Dear Diary,

The week before last, I was too tired to blog, but I was thinking about it. Last week, I wanted to voice my opinions on censorship, after HyperAllergic's most recent article about Dana Shutz's painting of Emmett Till at the Whitney. However, I started reading other people's opinions on other things, which means anything, and I became over saturated. 

This week I just want to write to myself, without opinions, and reflect. Reflect that opinions are interesting and make for good conversation, but ultimately meaningless. Reflect that it's important to stop being so hard on ourselves. Reflect that selfishness is not always a bad thing. Reflect that I love watching the ducks and the seagulls across the street, through my window, and I could do that and only that all day, and it would be a good day. Reflect that no matter how much I despise gray areas, accepting their existence might actually be the definition of being present. Reflect that the great balancing act of our lives is one of the biggest challenges with the easiest solutions. 

Reflect that I watch this video almost everyday, and it satisfies all my needs. 

This guy has it all right. No shame, all the love.

In perpetuity,